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With gratitude I write to express my deep appreciation to many friends and neighbors for your support with advice, signs, contributions, information and encouragement during the unique 2020 Primary Election campaign. Special thanks to campaign Treasurer Lynora Rogstad and Terry Churchill for signage assistance. It was fun on the trail meeting residents and talking about state and local government needs. Unfortunately, Covid-19 severely restricted opportunities to meet and we fell 332 votes short in Senate District 38.

Thanks to the 1,950 residents whom I was able to reach and who voted for me and my campaign goals to expand jobs and opportunities for all and to support families and our communities through these challenging times. I look forward to continuing our mutual service and to seeing you helping to support freedom, knowledge and justice in Montana.

Sincerely, Jane Hamman

Clancy, MT

Incompetence, not conspiracy, source of Trump’s problems

I regularly find myself disagreeing with the ideas put forth in Andy Johnson’s weekly columns, but I thought the most recent example (6-17) was in particular need of a response.

The articles are often riddled with fundamental misunderstandings of the subject matter, and this week’s examples include: the situation in Seattle, defunding the police, and conflating rioters with protestors.

The irony of spouting conservative talking points about the mainstream media, while twice citing Lou Dobbs in a serious journalistic capacity, seems to be lost on Mr. Johnson.

The highlight is the conspiracy laden stroll he takes into the territory of President Obama being behind efforts to obstruct President Trump.

Donald Trump steps on his own testicles on a daily basis. His presidency has been an endless field of rakes waiting to be stepped on at every turn.

It seems as though he has gone out of his way to install the worst imaginable person for a particular job every chance he’s gotten. Incompetence isn’t a bug of this presidency; it’s a feature.

Mr. Johnson is entitled to his own opinions, free to write whatever he wishes to in his space. However, in the future, I wish the Weekly would exercise some editorial oversight and spare us Fox News fever dreams.

Dan Boyle, Butte

Merciful God

Let’s stop all this madness! You cannot maintain a society without the Rule of Law. We need to stand up for our rights under the constitution. We have the right to peacefully assemble, but not to attack other people or destroy their property. What’s going on now is thug rule and that only gets people madder and then it explodes into mod rule. We know a lot of people are races, some attack those they dislike or don’t agree with. The citizens can’t close their eyes to what is going on. We instruct the politicians to make laws and throw money at the problem, then walk away feeling good about themselves. It doesn’t work that way.

Take a little history walk. We fought the British so we could have a country with freedom of religion, freedom of speech, right to bear arms, & for All to have the right to have Life, Liberty, & the Pursuit of happiness....They formed the Declaration of Independence, Federalist Papers (written to ratify the Constitution), Constitution, & the Bill of Rights. They divided our government into three sections, the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. This was done so it would be the people’s government not a monarchy. As our Nation grew the need for more people to work the land became more prevalent. Thus mankind took over for their own needs and purchased slaves from the slave traders. Slaves were from all races but the main race was the Negro. Volumes can be written on all the evil done to the slaves, but now would like to push forward to the Civil War. This war took more American lives than all wars since. Fathers fighting sons, brothers, other relatives & friends. Horrific!!! Instead of people recognizing what people gave up for the freedom of slaves many carry the hatred of both races to this day. There are many classes in all countries. We need to help those mentally or physically who can’t help themselves. Need to look at our educational system that helps all.

There will be different abilities in mankind but people should be hired according to their abilities, not their race!! This was starting to happen as we grew and then we were in World War I and II. These wars were to help keep people free. How many people have died to protect our freedoms, no matter what race. We are a melting pot for all!

My Uncle, trying to warn his fellow soldiers of Germans ahead, was shot by a German sniper. He rolled down a hill and was out of range for the sniper. A Negro soldier tried to get to my Uncle to help him. My Uncle was trying to stop him but he still came and the sniper shot him in the head and he fell dead onto my Uncle. Telling you this story because my Uncle would stand up to anyone desperaging the negro by saying their blood is as red as ours , their lives as important, and their patriotism just as greart!

This hatred of the police is so wrong. I worked for the police during the time of the Vietnam protest. They had rocks, bottles, acid, thrown on them and were called pigs. Yet these men over and over put themselves in harm’s way helping those choosing to harm them. Don’t judge all people by the action of the few. Let’s work together to make our nation greater, respecting all and enjoying our rights. Remembering those who have died to give us our freedoms. I salute our Flag and thank God for our Nation that works towards equality for all.

Jean Ruppert Butte, Mt.

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