Weekly Scanner

Weekend rundown of our local law enforcement and surrounding agencies Police/Agencies

responded to over 220 calls this past weekend

- 5 DUI

- 5 Accidents

- 4 Drug related

- 19 Disturbance calls

- 24 Traffic stop

- 8 Theft/Burglary

- 5 Stolen/Abandon


- 1 Suicide Attempt/Threat

- 7 Alarms

- 5 Vandalism/Criminal Mischief

- 14 Medical emergencies

- 24 Suspicious activities

- 5 Harassment/assault

- 1 Child Abuse

- 95+ Numerous,well checks,Hit & Run, wanted person, juvenile misc., complaints, paper


Fri., Sat., Sun. rundown ONLY

Information as of Monday Morning

22 Arrests 11 Released

Held and their charges:

Alex Osier 22year-old male from Butte On 6/21/2020 at 11:30 pm Officers were patrolling the area of Main and Center when the recognized a male by the name of Alex Osier walking south on Main. The Officer was aware that Osier had a warrant for his arrest. The officer stopped Osier and placed him under arrest and transported him to the detention center. Offenses: Misdemeanor Contempt of Court out of City Court

Lenard Lillyblad 64year-old male from Butte Officers responded to the area of 200 Greenwood at 2:20pm on the 21st on a reported violation of a restraining order. The victim stated that Lillybald was at his residence and threatened to kill him, he also stated that Lillyblad was walking toward Rowe Road. Officer located Lillyblad and placed him under arrest and transported him to the detention center.

Offenses: Felony Violation of a Restraining Order third or subsequent offense

Ulises Ramos 35-year-old male from Butte On June 21, 2020 an officer was in the area of Colorado and Iron Street when the saw a vehicle parked in an alley that the officers knew belonged to Ramos and they also new that Ramos had a felony warrant for his arrest. When Ramos exited a residence in the area, they placed him under arrest and transported him to the detention center. Offenses: Felony Warrant out Justice Court for Possession of Dangerous Drugs

Evie McCard 36-year-old female from Butte On June 18, 2020 at 1:30pm in the 2900 blk of Locust officers were assisting the US Marshall Service to serve a warrant out of Judge Krueger’s Court with no bond and a misdemeanor warrant of Lake County she was placed under arrest and transported to the detention center. Offenses: Felony Warrant Judge Krueger BSB District Court; Misdemeanor Warrant Lake County

Joseph Franklin 35-year-old male from Butte On June 21, 2020 at 7:45 a.m.officers made a traffic stop in the area of Thomas and Edwards, and during their investigation it was determined that the Driver was operating the vehicle with a suspended Drivers License and he had a Contempt Warrant out of City Court. Offenses: Misdemeanor Warrant Contempt City Court

Ryan Schultz 21-year-old male from Butte On 6/20/2020 at 11:50pm Officers responded to a disturbance in the 2800 blk of Farragut on reported disturbance. When officers arrived, the suspect was in a physical battle with another male relative in the apartment. In the officer’s presence the suspect threatened the officers as well as the other male with physical harm, he had also assaulted a female at a different location. Ryan Schultz was arrested and transported to the detention center Offenses: Misdemeanor Partner or Family Member Assault 2 counts

Jessica Grifaldo 24-year-old female from Deerlodge On 6/19/2020 at 4:31pm Officers responded to Walmart on a reported theft. According to the Loss Prevention Officer the suspect Grifaldo was caught not scanning the appropriate number of items. In checking Jessica Grifaldo was wanted out of Powell County on two Felony Warrants and during the booking officers located suspected methamphetamine. Offenses: Misdemeanor Theft; Felony Possession of Dangerous Drugs; Two Felony Warrants out of Powell County $75,000.00 bond

Margaret Denton 53-year-old female from Butte; Tracy Pierce 53-year-old female from Butte

On 6/19/2020 at 1:30pm Officers made a traffic stop in the area Rowe Road and Placer as they recognized Tracy Pierce and knew she had a warrant out of City Court, the other female in vehicle Margaret Denton also had a MHP warrant. Both females were arrested and transported to the detention center



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